1970s Swiss UK Heuer Verona Ref. 110.213G Replica Watch

“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet,” is the first thing that comes to mind when I hear the word “Verona,” or even see the word printed on the dial of this vintage Heuer replica watch uk. It makes me think of Romeo And Juliet, which was set in an Italian town with the same name. Just like the Bard’s work, vintage fake watches for sale can be downright romantic. The way a watch makes one feel when fastening it on a wrist, or the emotion it evokes when looking at the dial in different lights or discovering a new detail when checking the time one day – watches of all types can bring out these warm feelings. I catch myself (almost daily) staring at my watch and realizing I didn’t even check the time; I get caught up in the details and forget everything else.

The watch we are talking about today is the Heuer Verona ref. 110.21G fake watch. The Verona is a cool and not very common vintage Heuer. These came out circa 1978 and were offered with a black dial or grey dial (like this one), as well as two-tone versions of each. The reference numbers either have G (grey) at the end or N (noir), which is something Heuer is known for doing. This was not a very long-lived model; top quality copy Heuer offered the Verona for approximately only three years, so they’re relatively rare.

Heuer came out with many different models during this time and for me, the best quality Heuer Verona copy watch is one of the most attractive. This was an interesting time in the watch world, with quartz watches starting to reign supreme, so watch companies needed to be creative with marketing. The different city names Heuer used were meant to connect with the people living in those areas and boost local brand recognition and sales. I’m not sure if a tactic like this would work today, but a “TAG Heuer Brooklyn” sounds quite cool.
This is the first Heuer Verona fake watch I have seen in the metal, and I’ve become smitten with it. The grey dial and nicely curved brushed case are just speaking to me. It reminds me of other Heuers that came before, like the manual-winding Carreras, but it also has design elements similar to automatic models like the Autavia, i.e. the crown on the left side. I realize I am fortunate to have seen so many watches here and from my past auction career; it’s a good thing because I tend to become obsessed with watches I haven’t seen before, just like today’s Heuer Verona fake watch with steel case.