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Many Twistiti cheap fake watches lovers who are new parents eagerly anticipate the day they can begin to introduce timepieces into the lives of their children. Most people I know who have a passion for timepieces began their interest as children. Not necessarily being introduced to luxury watches per se at a young age, but at the least, being accustomed to the pleasure of wearing a basic watch early on in life. One such line of products aimed at both young children (and parents as the buyers) is the Twistiti Watches collection from Belgium. The self-proclaimed “specialist children’s watch retailer” has recently launched a chipper collection of friendly looking analog watches for kids three years of age and up.

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The founder of Twistiti told us that his aim was to offer something clearly aimed for children, but that allows them to segue into more traditional types of analog watches at an older age. The two models currently available are the straightforward-named “Animals Watch” and “Numbers Watch.” There are also wall clock versions of these dials as well as available straps. In many ways, Twistiti has taken a more “adult” watch design and sales concept, and adapted it for younger buyers. An example is the use of quick-release straps and the ability to buy extra ones. Your toddler is about to get a quick lesson in wrist fashion.

Watches for kids aren’t a new thing at all, but most range in aesthetic from kitschy to overly-themed (Disney princess watches anyone?). While Twistiti watches are clearly meant for young kids, they appear to be watches first and then cute second – not trying to leverage any other entertainment properties or toy universes that your child might like. There is also a typical, refined sense of calming European design which I think is nicely done here.

Hands-on Twistiti  colourful replica watches, the watches are not as small as you’d think, but are not designed to be petite on the wrists of children. They look like really cute women’s watches, and the mixture of strap styles is impressive. The sandblasted case and colorful design are clearly aimed at satisfying kids, but if you look closely, there is a serious watch in there. I only wish the dial designs were a bit more logical and educational for young minds.

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Both the Numbers and Animals watches sport a simple and classic-looking satin-finished 316L steel case with a K1 mineral crystal and 50 meters of water resistance. Inside the Twistiti replica watches UK are Japanese Miyota 2025 quartz movements and the dials indicate just the time with hours and minutes (seconds would have been a nice feature for the kids – but then again you need to let them “graduate” to a chronograph in the future right?). The case is 30mm wide (good for tiny wrists), with a 36mm lug to lug distance. The lugs are 14mm wide, meaning if you don’t get Twistiti-supplied straps, it might be difficult to find straps that small (that are nice looking). The available straps are double-layered nylon (comes in two length sizes) and all have fun and appealing colors and designs that I think kids will really enjoy. The strap variety is welcoming, and I can even see a few adults being a bit jealous over the design options.